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  • 1. Spare Parts

    New and refurbished spare Parts from the tips of your fingers to your doorstep.

  • 2. Blazing fast

    7 day delivery of every part you order from us No more waiting of your bike in a garage for 4 months.

  • 4. Business

    Boost your business by sharing details of your Workshop on the bikerr App. More fun in doing it together.

  • 3. Trust

    Our trusted service men near you. Who doesn't want their bike serviced from the best.

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Ride Out

Hit the open road and celebrate a love for motorcycling – We've got your back! We would love to hear from you about our services use it to the fullest and let us know how you feel. Trust Your Guardian Angel 😏.


We think bikes are meant for the roads not a garage. Trust us when we claim we're here to help you with anything, from riding necessities to replacement parts.Bikerr shop has got you covered.


Strength is unity , with a platform for every bikerr to connect , share and meet new bikers , Your rides will be longer , safer and longer. Trust us , This community never fails.

Our Client Say's

Reddit Anon

Look. If you actually deliver what you’re angling at here you guys will make big money. A geo fencing/location device, theft alert and alarms with immobiliser would alone be worth it if it’s accurate and actually works. If you add the pit stop thing you will make a killing. I’d for sure go for it. The SOS feature is an excellent idea.

Bit warden

Riding motorcycles can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. It allows you to feel the wind in your hair and the open road beneath you. However, it is important to always wear a helmet and follow all traffic laws to ensure your safety while on a motorcycle. It is also important to regularly maintain your motorcycle to ensure it is in good working condition. With proper precautions and care, riding a motorcycle can be a fun and enjoyable activity.

Arjun Sharma

Don't want the app to be preachy about road safety. But giving a real time info of road conditions would be be nice.

Mayuraj Singh

There are many road signs we see regularly but still there are many road signs which are not common not everyone knows the meaning of those road signs , a road sign guide will be helpful.

Manan Pandya

The app can suggest safe routes for the biker. If the biker meets with an accident then nearest medical facility should be shown by the app.


It can have options to plan a ride and other can accept that invite to intiate a group ride. Also that spares or aftermarket modifications sounds great for modifications which are not readily available in my local area. Also the renting bike stuff can be a good initiative as I have friends who doesn't own a bike yet but would love to rent bikes and go on short trips.

Aimaan Khan

Something that can be integrated with the upcoming bikes with a digital display and we wont have to use the app while riding on phone but can rather get the information on the bike screen itself .

Chinmaya Ghildiyal

The latest road condition as reported by a previous order using the app should be avai

Nakul Shringi

Traffic reports, road renovations and re-routing and accident prone areas would be a nice addition to the app.


Actual tutorials on how to ride a bike because bike riding I not taught in India. Technically understanding simple riding methods will help a tonne.


Yup, this is one of the problems in our country where fellow bikers don’t have road sense. Nothing that promotes that, especially in the generation that is picking it up would be great.


A patch of bad road being displayed on the map reported by users.


A patch of bad road being displayed on the map reported by users.

Sai Harish

Everything mentioned in the survey were great! I’m satisfied with the survey.

Pavan Nagaraj

Actual measures to ensure road safety, also no matter how safe u are, the bad roads are gonna get to u. So its a much bigger issue if u see in a broader perspective.

Prawar Prabhu

How to ride with discipline on the road when you're with a group. Use of hand signals as and when required. Need for a good quality helmet. Proper riding gears etc.

SANAT Boruah

Sounds like a great initiative and i wanna help any way i can.

Raj Mahesh Jadhav

Yeah would love to have some platform for the biker community.

Harshal Jagtap

A notification of any traffic jam or accident ahead in the route you are travelling.


All traffic safety rules including a feature like post a photo of yours with riding gear/helmet before you start your ride.

Vishal Srivastava

Properly planned trips. Good individuals on the platform. Moderately priced and and good quality of services and goods.

Parth Kachhara

Interactive UI with option yo share my progress to other social media..

Laxman Lucky

I believe to reach people communication is the highest priority, would request to have this app in all regional languages. So that people who are unable to understand English could also learn new stuff.

Aashish Bahirshet

Create Biker Groups in-app and level up the group by achieving fun tasks?

Prateek Maithil

easy way to reach out to people when a accident happens to get some help will be life saving feature.

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